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PSA: Fledglings

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

True or False: A bird on the ground needs your help


Juvenile birds can spend up to a couple of weeks on the ground as they learn to fly and fend for themselves, this is a natural part of their growth process and most of the time they are not in need of any assistance.

What is a fledgling?

A fledgling is a juvenile bird that has left the nest but is still relying on its parents for several feedings a day.

Birds at this stage will be almost the same size as adults, have mostly adult feathers as well as some remaining patches of down.

During this 10-15 day long phase, they will spend a lot of time on the ground as they learn to fly. This often causes people to be concerned for their wellbeing, so it is important to know what signs to look out for to determine if a fledgling does need help.

How can you tell if a fledgling needs help?

  • If there's blood or a visible wound

  • If they are shivering or wet

  • If they aren't moving

  • If another animal has attacked them

If any of these apply, it is time to call Calgary Wildlife at 403-214-1312, where expert advice will be given to help navigate each unique situation.

How can you create a safe area for fledglings?

If you have found a fledgling in your yard and would like to make sure they remain safe during this important life phase, you can contribute to their comfort by allowing them lots of space and keeping cats and dogs either inside or on a leash under supervision.

Allowing birds to experience growth in their natural habitat is an important step in contributing to wildlife conservation and our local bird populations!

To learn more about baby birds head over to our YouTube channel

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