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Caring for Wildlife and Their

Rehabilitation Since 1993



Keeping communities wild through education and expert, compassionate care for injured and orphaned wildlife.



Human and wildlife coexistence.


Our Pillars

Care: Best care is our commitment to provide compassionate, expert treatment to injured and orphaned wildlife.  We hold ourselves to this by measuring our outcomes each year and hiring and supporting expert staff to work with our wildlife patients.

Educate: Education is our commitment to both positive remediation and prevention of harmful interactions between humans and wildlife.  We promote an understanding of the inherent value of wildlife.  We inform and educate people to live in harmony with wildlife and to respond appropriately when wildlife incidents or conflict occur.  

Connect: Connecting is our commitment to working with others to keep communities wild.  We contribute to collective knowledge, collaborate to provide best care, and foster mutually beneficial relationships with government, professional associations, educational institutions, volunteers, and others towards shared goals. 

Our services are specific, necessary, and unique within the Calgary community landscape.


Calgary Wildlife was established in 1993 and is the only wildlife veterinary hospital in the City of Calgary. 

Each year, we provide people from Calgary and surrounding areas with expert and compassionate care for the wildlife that live in our communities and wild spaces.  We rehabilitate animals so they are ready to return to the wild, and we work with others to release them in ways that help them thrive. 

Calgary Wildlife is more than a veterinary hospital and rehabilitation centre.  We contribute to larger studies and conservation efforts by tracking and contributing patient information.  We support humans to live in harmony with wildlife through education, public service announcements, and a hotline for information and support when people meet with injured or orphaned wildlife.  We spark awe and wonder for the natural world in our youth and provide solutions for wildlife related issues to the public. 

Calgary Wildlife receives mostly urban wildlife and with over 400 species of wild animals living in and around Calgary, there is a great variety in the patients that we see.  As urban spaces continue to expand into previous wild areas, contact with wildlife populations continues to grow.  We work to reduce harm and keep those interactions magnificent.  It is becoming more and more apparent that our wild neighbours are not the only creatures that benefit from a thriving ecosystem; human health and happiness depend on it. Calgary Wildlife provides expert, compassionate care to injured and orphaned wildlife and helps humans reduce the number of wildlife needing veterinary care. We work to keep communities wild.

Quick Facts

-We are the ONLY wildlife hospital located within the City of Calgary

-We answer 8000+ calls annually from Albertans regarding wildlife-related issues

-We provide urban wildlife programs that reach 4000+ students and citizens annually

-We are one of only 6 wildlife rehabilitation centres in Alberta and the Southern most encompassing wildlife centre in Alberta

-We work with numerous agencies including the Alberta government, the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative, the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Calgary Zoo, local animal service agencies, municipal police and many others.

In the spirit of respect, reciprocity and truth, we honour and acknowledge Moh’kinsstis, and the traditional Treaty 7 territory and oral practices of the Blackfoot confederacy: Siksika, Kainai, Piikani, as well as the Îyâxe Nakoda and Tsuut’ina nations. We acknowledge that this territory is home to the Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3 within the historical Northwest Métis homeland. Finally, we acknowledge all Nations – Indigenous and non – who live, work and play on this land, and who honour and celebrate this territory.

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