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Calgary sits at the confluence of the Elbow and Bow Rivers, a corridor that supports more than just the people who live here, but also a rich legacy of natural abundance and biodiversity. Calgarians are proud of the city’s numerous parks and open spaces as well as our connection to nature enhanced by living in such close proximity to the Rocky Mountains and the federally protected lands encased within them. The parks and wild spaces of Calgary provide habitats for over 400 species of wild animals. The lives of many citizens of Calgary are enriched daily by these flourishing wildlife populations that help to define the landscape of our city.

As Calgary expands and encroaches upon spaces that were previously wild, more and more wildlife find refuge and habitat within the city limits. Living with wildlife means exercising patience while enjoying the wonder of the natural cycles of wildlife –waiting a month or two for a litter of skunk kits to grow up and move out of your yard –keeping your dog on a leash while songbirds are fledging –tolerating that Canada Goose’s aggressive behaviour as she nests on your deck. Wildlife enriches the lives of every Calgarian and allowing for natural behaviours is a small price to pay to have the opportunity to observe the diverse species that call our city home.


The Calgary Wildlife hotline receives over 8000 calls annually from concerned citizens with questions about injured and orphaned wildlife, human-wildlife conflict, and other wildlife concerns. We have compiled a list of common questions and queries and created this Living with Wildlife document to educate and inform the public about common wildlife misconceptions and issues.

Want to learn more about Alberta's endangered and threatened wildlife? Learn more here.

Living with Skunks


Frequently asked questions and concerns about skunks

Living with Birds


Frequently asked questions and concerns about orphaned and young birds.

Living with Waterfowl


Frequently asked questions and concerns about waterfowl.

Living with Predators

Image by Ben Mater

Learn about coyotes and bobcats in the City.

Living with Mammals


Frequently asked questions and concerns about young and orphaned hares, deer, and squirrels.

Wildlife Hazards


Common urban hazards that wildlife face and that humans can help with!

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