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Healthy ecosystems include predators; Calgary is home to numerous predators including bobcats and coyotes. A little knowledge goes a long way in co-existing safely with these amazing creatures!


Fast Facts


  • Coyotes and bobcats live quite comfortable within the city

  • Coyotes and bobcats do not normally pose a risk to humans

  • Research shows that culling coyotes is not effective and in fact increases litter sizes

  • Feeding wildlife creates dangerous wildlife situations

  • It is always a good idea to contact a wildlife rehabilitator before intervening with a wild animal

  • To deter coyotes or bobcats from taking residence in your yard remove food sources (including dog feces) and utilize your yard often


Did you know that bobcats have lived in Calgary for over 75 years? These elusive felines are being spotted more and more regularly in the yards of Calgarians and in older neighborhoods.


To deter bobcats from taking residence in your yard, remove all intentional and non-intentional food sources including fallen fruit from trees, pet food, and birdseed that has fallen from feeders; ensure that your compost, recyclables and garbage are safely contained in your bins. If a bobcat is taking residence in your yard, it is best to make yourself large and present so the bobcat knows this is your space not theirs. This means using your yard regularly and being noisy.


If there is a bobcat in your neighborhood please keep your cats indoors and be sure to monitor small dogs. Bobcats do not present a danger to humans as long as you don’t feed them. Continue using your yard, parks and neighborhoods as you normally would and you can co-exist peacefully with these intriguing animals.



We share our city with many predators including coyotes. Coyotes are an important species in the ecosystem and usually can co-exist nicely with human development. Coyotes have a natural fear of humans and are not normally a danger to people unless they become habituated. It is important not to feed coyotes!


If coyotes are regularly seen in your yard, they are probably finding a source of food there. To deter coyotes from taking up residence in and around your yard remove food sources such as fallen fruit or berries, birdseed, and dog feces. This goes for public parks as well! Scoop your poop! If you notice aggressive coyote behaviour in city parks during denning season please report this behaviour to 311.


If you encounter an aggressive coyote, do not turn or run away. Make yourself large by shouting and waving your arms overhead. Maintain eye contact with the animal and back away slowly. We can live harmoniously with these fascinating animals; there is room in Calgary for all of us! For more information about how to co-exist with coyotes please visit


If you have found an injured or orphaned mammal please call our hotline:


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