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Calgary Wildlife brings awareness to the community through its educational programs offered to schools, youth, adults, community groups, and other interested organizations throughout Calgary and the surrounding area. Our education programs serve to inform the public about our services emphasizing the value of wildlife rehabilitation, teach about the importance of living in harmony with urban wildlife,  provide information (physiology/adaptations/migration) about wildlife, and create conversations around the implications of human activities on the health and safety of wild animals. We also offer owl pellet dissections with our owl program, which is a fun, unique, and highly rated hands-on educational experience for students of all ages. Owl pellets are formed from the regurgitated bones and fur that owls cannot digest. Our programs create long-lasting positive associations with wildlife commonly seen in and around Calgary.

Our Presentations Include:

• Who we are, what we do, and why we do it

• Learning all about urban wildlife through song, sound, touch, and more

• A visit from one of our educational ambassador animals (when appropriate and booked)

• Wildlife rehabilitation stories

• Information about human-caused injuries, implications for wildlife, and how you can help

• What do to do if you find an orphaned or injured wild animal

• Animal physiology, habitat, life cycles, and more...



Presentations without an animal are $150.        Presentations with an animal/pellets are $175.

Travel Fees:

$25 for locations outside of Calgary up to 50km.   $50 for locations outside of Calgary 50-100km. 

$100 for locations outside of Calgary 100-200km.

*With our education ambassador, we are able to do two back to back presentations in one day, with a max of 30 children in attendance.*

Please email with questions 

Wild Wise: Getting to Know Our Urban Neighbours

So Stinkin Cute  Calgary Wildlife.png

Let’s get to know our urban wildlife! Wild Wise is a five part series (skunks, beavers, magpies, bats, porcupines) geared toward elementary aged students and focuses on understanding wild animal behaviours, their adaptations & needs, as well as positive community connections, as a way of reducing human-wildlife conflict. Each presentation comes with a video song and dance, urban wildlife journal, and urban wildlife sticker that are left with teachers for continued use with their students.

Step into the paws and claws of our neighbours through song, dance, drama and so much more!  

Quote from teachers

"This program was the perfect balance of information, interactive activities, movement, and artifacts. Our students were engaged from beginning to end and learned a great deal about how to be “nature wise” in the city. The resources that were left to continue our learning was also a bonus, and weeks later our students continue to ask to do the “skunk dance song”. Who knew learning about skunks could be so much fun?!”

The Marvellous Marmot

Have you ever heard a high-pitched whistle while in the mountains?

That’s the hoary marmot, a unique creature known for its vocal warnings, playful wrestling, and lengthy hibernation. These charming dandelion eaters are a delightful sight on high elevation hikes. But how is climate change affecting their distribution? How do they fit into our ecosystem? What dangers do they face?

This program also includes a visit from our animal ambassador Marmalade (a hoary marmot).  Sign up for a program today and learn about these captivating animals!   


Hawks on the Move:
The Incredible Journey of Swainson’s Hawks

Lito Calgary Wildlife_edited.jpg

Swainson’s hawks have the longest migratory route of any North American raptor, moving between Alberta and Argentina every year. With the help of our educational Swainson’s Hawk, Lito, follow a year in the life of a Swainson’s hawk including how and why they migrate, food chains, raptor hunting, wing spans, and conservation issues. 

Availability: Closed until the fall 2024

Age: Grade 3 and above.

Limited openings available. 

Multiple bookings a day encouraged.

Quote from attendees

“The Lito experience was very informative and captured our interest deeply! Calgary Wildlife educators went above and beyond while educating us about Alberta’s native raptors! Lito is a beautiful, lively bird with a great rehabilitation story. Would recommend the Lito experience to audiences of all types.”

Owls All Around:
The Secret of Silent Flight

Calgary Wildlife Owl Pellets.jpeg

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about owls. Videos, pictures, and biofacts will help your group learn about owl physiology, behaviour, and silent flight. Students also dissect owl pellets to look for bones and recreate a skeleton! 

Availability: Closed until the fall 2024

Age: Grade 3 and above.

Limited openings available. 

Multiple bookings a day encouraged.

Our education owl has retired so there is no live owl in this program. Owl pellets are included.

*Pellets available for purchase separately via our online store*

Calgary Wildlife:
Who We Are and What We Do.

Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at

Geared towards young adults and adults, the All About Calgary Wildlife presentation takes you behind the scenes at Calgary Wildlife. Learn about our history, our programs, who we treat, how you can live in harmony with urban wildlife, and some of our rehabilitation case studies. The presentation ends with urban wildlife biofacts.

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