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Calgary Wildlife Baby Shower.png

An Assortment of Babies
Tuesday July 11th at 7 pm

Chipmunks, and corvids, and fawns OH MY!

 For our final shower of 2023, we'll be taking you on an up close feed of not one,

not two but three baby animals! Watch below to see them up close!


Baby Shower Youtube Thumbnails.png

American Robins

Tuesday July 4th at 7 pm

Baby shower baby robins.jpg

Come meet some of our American Robin patients, from the nestling stage to the fledgling stage.

We've already had close to 100 come into the centre since the middle of April.


It costs $75 a month just to feed one fledgling American Robin.

Will you help donate to their care?

Ferruginous Hawks
Tuesday June 27th at 7 pm

Baby shower Ferruginous Hawks.jpg

Ferruginous Hawks are endangered in Alberta and we were lucky to get to help three in June.

These siblings were found orphaned after it was suspected their parent died due to electrocution.


It costs $200 a month just to feed one fledgling Ferruginous Hawk.

Please consider helping with their care.

Striped Skunk Kits
Tuesday June 20th at 7 pm

Baby shower skunk template.jpg

Meet some of our baby striped skunk patients who have been admitted in June for various reasons. Every year we see between 30 and 50 of these little stinkers in our care of different ages,

but all equally cute!

It costs $10 a day just to feed one baby skunk.
It costs $1200 to feed one baby skunk for the duration of time they are in our care.

Amercian Porcupine Porcupette
Tuesday June 13th at 7 pm

Baby shower porcupine template 1.png

Meet our baby American porcupine patient who came to us on May 7, 2023 after his mom was hit by a vehicle. This little one was not only orphaned, but also sustained a fracture to his right foreleg. His progress has been amazing since losing his mom and coming to us for care,

but there is still quite a ways to go. 

It costs $5 a day just for the specialised formula baby porcupines need.
Two months of formula, baby food, and feeding equipment cost a total of $350.

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