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World Animal Day - How everyone can help animals

World Animal Day, an annual day to celebrate animals, is coming up on Tuesday, October 4th. This year, we'd like to shine a spotlight on two endangered species here in Alberta, the Little Brown Bat and the Burrowing Owl.

Little Brown Bats' conservation status is currently listed as endangered in Canada. Here are some easy ways you can help them get out of the endangered status and into the area of least concern.

1. Install a bat house. This will give them a safe area to roost during the day. You can make your own or purchase one from our friends at The Wild Bird Store. For more information about bat houses please visit

2. Don't use sticky tape as a form of fly and pest control. Bats can fly onto it and are then unable to get off.

3. Turn off your lights! Light pollution can disrupt and deter bats. Make sure you don't leave any unnecessary lights on in the evenings to decrease light pollution.

Burrowing owls are also listed as an endangered species in Canada.

Here are some things you can do to help the population increase.

1. Advocate for and support initiatives that preserve the grasslands.

2. Restrict and/or reduce the use of pesticides and rodenticides. Killing off grasshopper and insect populations wipes out a large portion of the burrowing owl's food source.

3. Spread the word with your family and friends about the population decline. The more people who know, the more chances the owls have in the wild.

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