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PSA: Bats

True or False: All nine species of bat in Alberta are insectivores.


Alberta is home to nine different species of bat, six of which hibernate in the province. All of these species' diets consist of insects which make them invaluable natural pest controllers!

What to know about bats

Bats are incredible animals who contribute hugely to the environment. At Calgary Wildlife we are proud to accept and provide care to all bats in Alberta. We have a special trailer, fondly called the bat cave, just for bat patients, outfitted with everything needed to successfully return them to the wild.

Despite their reputation as disease carriers, it is actually extremely rare for bats to infect humans with rabies, in fact the disease which bats are most effected by, called white nose syndrome, is not even transmissible to humans.

That being said, it is important to approach bats with caution, like all wild animals they can bite, scratch, carry germs or become startled and receive injuries from human contact. Always give bats plenty of space and never touch a bat with your bare hands!

How can you tell if a bat needs help?

  • If a wing or leg is bent in the wrong direction

  • If they are tangled up in net or string

  • If another animal has attacked them

  • If the bat is visibly bleeding

  • If they are on the ground

If you find a bat displaying any of these symptoms it is time to phone for expert advice at Calgary Wildlife at 403-214-1312. Giving the bat space, monitor them until a professional arrives.

If an injured bat must be moved while you wait, for example if they are in danger on a road, be sure to wear thick gloves and clothing that cover your skin and be very gentle as bats' wings are extremely delicate.

Always act responsibly and respectfully around local wildlife in order to create healthier ecosystems and communities.

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