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Eye For The Wild 2023 Winners

Thank you to all who participated and shared your gorgeous shots with us this year!

Remember, each entry supports the work we do here at Calgary Wildlife.

Collage of eye for the wild 2023 top photos

After a tough round of evaluations by our judges, the final results are in and the following photos have taken the top prizes! A big congratulations to all of our winners.


3rd place – Jennil Modar

Snowy Owl

3rd place winner - Snowy Owl by Jennil Modar


2nd place – Chad Larsen

A Winters Walk

2nd place winner - A winters walk by Chad Larsen

1st place – Jamie Bussey

A Sunset Snack

1st place - A sunset snack by Jamie Bussey

Public Choice Winners –

Sara Tehranian - Northern Saw Whet Owl

Public choice winner - Northern Saw Whet Owl by Sara Tehranian

Holly Van Oosten - Snacking Chipmunk in the Grass

Public choice winner - Snacking Chipmunk in the Grass by Holly Van Oosten

Cassidy Larsen - Snowy Rams

Public choice winner - Snowy Rams by Cassidy Larsen


Honourable Mentions - These photos were just too wonderful not to share with everyone!

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