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Eye For The Wild 2022 – Calgary Wildlife’s 4th Annual Photography Contest

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Eye For The Wild 2022 marks the 4th annual Calgary Wildlife photography contest in which amateur photographers like you are encouraged to submit your best untouched photos of Alberta wildlife in their natural habitat. With over 500 species of wildlife that call Calgary home, natural habitats can include yards, parks and other city spaces!

Calgary Wildlife is pleased to have partnered with the following Calgary businesses and organizations for this event: Vistek, Donna Mac, The Camera Store, Pandora’s Framing, and The Wild Bird Store.

Winning photographs will be featured in our new Calgary Wildlife magazine (fall issue), on our website and social media feeds, and appear in our 2023 calendar, as well as receiving a selection of prizes.

Entries can be uploaded from March 3rd to April 15th 2022 for a small donation of $10 per entry. All proceeds go towards helping injured and orphaned wildlife.

The subject in the photograph must be Alberta wildlife in their natural habitat (including mammals, birds, insects, amphibians, reptiles, fish, etc.). Natural habitats can include city landscapes. We request that there is no human contact with the animal. Photographs of domestic animals (cats, dogs, pets etc.) and zoo animals are not eligible.

Please fill out the form below and be patient as uploads can take several minutes.

Please name your entry as follows: lastname_firstname_imagetitle

You may submit up to 3 images.

After you have uploaded your photos you will be redirected to pay for your entry through the Calgary Wildlife Keela account. Payment must be made in order for your entry to be complete.

Entry is now closed

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