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World Nature Conservation Day: BINGO challenge!

Today (July 28) is World Nature Conservation Day! We are calling our supporters to get outdoors, interact with nature, and leave a positive mark behind. The team here at Calgary Wildlife has put together a BINGO challenge for you and the family to enjoy. Make a game out of it for the kidlets! We hope this challenge encourages you to be more aware of your daily impact on the natural world and allows you to discover that being a friendly neighbour to wildlife can be fun and easy! A healthy environment is the foundation for thriving ecosystems, food chains, and communities.

If you manage to complete a row or column, you can share your success with us on social media by tagging us in a post highlighting you (and your team) wearing your best victory smiles. We’d love to see you showing off your bingo sheet. Extra photos of you completing each box are always welcome.

Good luck!

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