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Patient Update: Eastern Grey Squirrels

During the spring and summer it is very common for nests to be disrupted by natural causes like storms and wind as well as human activity.

A few patients we received this June, a family of eastern grey squirrels, were admitted after their nest had fallen from a tree when a branch broke off.

As squirrels are mammals, they are fed on milk as babies, when Calgary Wildlife receives very young squirrels they require around-the-clock care and need to go home at night with one of our trained rehabilitators.

On average squirrels remain in the nest for around ten weeks until they are weaned. During this time their fur grows in stages.

After over a month in care, these squirrels were ready to be released to the wild. They were released back to the area they were found close to lots of trees and a water source.

If you ever observe a disrupted nest please call our hotline at: 403-214-1312.

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