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Patient Update: Black-billed Magpies

Calgary Wildlife Magpie Babies

This summer, Calgary Wildlife was in for a surprise, with a shipment of black billed magpies from the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC!

This was especially remarkable as black billed magpies are not native to BC, they’re native to Alberta. So how had five baby birds found their way to a different province?

The nest containing the magpies had been built on the back of a transport truck in Calgary. When the truck made the 12-hour trip through the Rockies and across two provinces to Vancouver, so did the magpies.

It was only after arriving in Vancouver that the driver discovered the nest and took the babies to the Wildlife Association of BC, who contacted Calgary Wildlife. The magpies received care in BC until their transportation back to Alberta could be arranged.

After being flown back to Calgary, the magpies arrived at Calgary Wildlife, healthy and growing. Over the next two weeks they spent in our care, they continued to grow and establish all of the important skills they would need to survive in the wild.

After a twelve-hour ride on a transport truck, a flight back to Alberta, and care in two different wildlife facilities, these resilient magpies were ready to be released into their home habitat.

Fortunately, the birds in this case had a successful return to their natural habitat. It is important to always check your vehicles when you are travelling, as animals can be transported and displaced very easily.

If you observe any wildlife, injured, or in an area it shouldn't be, please call our hotline at:



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