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January is Corvid Month

Updated: Mar 1

January is Corvid month here at Calgary Wildlife! This month we will be posting about all things CORVID related for your awareness and learning pleasure, including how intelligent and diverse this group of amazing birds truly is!

Learn about smart corvids at Calgary Wildlife

Calgary Wildlife magpie squawking

Did you know that Alberta is home to several species of Corvids?

They include all of the following:

Jays: Canada jay (aka Whiskeyjack), Pinyon jay, Steller's jay, Blue jay

Nutcrackers: Clark's nutcracker

Magpies: Black-billed magpie

Crows: American crow

Ravens: Common raven

Fun Fact: Corvids display remarkable intelligence for animals of their size, and are among some of the most intelligent birds to have been studied.

Stay tuned for more information about these smarty pants, coming all this month.