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April is Beaver Month

Updated: Apr 24

April is Beaver month here at Calgary Wildlife.

Did you know that beavers can hold their breath for as long as 15 minutes? However, they typically remain underwater for no more than five or six minutes.

The species of beaver here in Alberta, is known as the North American beaver.

Unlike some of our other "animal of the month" species, there is only one species of beaver in Alberta and in Canada, with only one other in the whole world, the Eurasian beaver. But despite consisting of just one species in North America, our NA beaver ranges from up near the Arctic tundra all the way down to the Northern Mexico, these critters really get around.

Beavers are truly symbols of all things Canadian. Their scientific name (Castor canadensis) comes from a new Latin term meaning "of Canada", you can't get any more Canadian that that!

Join us all this month as we explore their amazing adaptations, impressive effects on our environment and more!


For our final post during BEAVER MONTH, let's talk about all of the amazing things that beavers do for our ecosystems!

Beavers are considered "ecosystem engineers", recognized for their ability to construct dams, raise water levels and create ponds that provide protection from predators. These ponds create wetland habitat for species like the tiger salamander and the mighty moose. And while some might consider beavers to be pests, they can actually help us manage water-related issues such as drought, flooding, and water pollution, as well as provide increased resistance to fire. Get the whole story on our blog at ...