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Calgary Wildlife requires its volunteers to be at least 18 years of age due to the hazards of working near wildlife. 

However, youth interested in helping wildlife can still do so behind the scenes. Check out some ideas below of how to help if you're underage. 

Exercise for Wildlife

Hold a race or competition at your school or in your community and ask people to pledge for you or pay an entry fee. Donate the proceeds to Calgary Wildlife.

Some ideas are:

A running race

A dance-a-thon

Sports Day

Bake for Wildlife

Who doesn't love a cupcake or cookie? Or a refreshing lemonade on a hot day? Show off your baking, cooking, and mixing talents by holding a food or drink sale in your school or community.

Donate the proceeds to Calgary Wildlife.

Some ideas are:

A Lemonade Stand

A Bake Sale

A Holiday Treats Stand

Get Creative for Wildlife

Use your creativity to raise funds for injured and orphaned wildlife.

Some ideas are:

Make art, sell art

Games Day Marathon (Set up your favourite games and have your friends join you, paying an entry fee. The winners donate a portion)

Talent Show (attendees are charged a a door fee to attend)

Work for Wildlife

Doing small jobs in your community for your neighbours is a great way to help wildlife and your neighbourhood. Charge a small fee and donate the proceeds to Calgary Wildlife.

Some ideas are:


Snow Shovelling  

Have a Car Wash 

Have a Bottle Drive

These are only a few ideas to get you started. Think outside the box and be creative! Calgary Wildlife would be happy to provide you with some fliers to use at your event as well as digital educational materials to help you promote. 

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