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"Bobbi" the Bobcat

Updated: Apr 7

Day One

After a few days of staking out, tracking her steps, and strategically placing a trap, we were finally able to capture the bobcat from Chaparral that had been the talk of social media for over a week. We'd been made aware of a bobcat with a trap on her foot approximately a week prior, and were in communication with Alberta Fish and Wildlife about the situation and were given the go-ahead to trap her and bring her back to the centre for rehabilitation.

Our Director of Wildlife Care and Services, Melanie Whalen, is an expert trapper and her experience working in wildlife research is what enabled her to understand how the bobcat would behave in such a situation, thus allowing for a successful and speedy trap. Our volunteers and the members of the Chaparral community were also an integral part of the whole process, making sure we were constantly updated on her sightings.

Calgary Wildlife Bobcat recovering from surgery

Once on site, the bobcat was sedated and the trap was removed from her foot. Our vet, vet tech, and wildlife rehabbers started her examination and were amazed to find there were no fractures or breaks. She successfully underwent surgery to repair and fully clean the wound on her paw caused by the trap.

We are optimistic about her recovery and will continue to update her progress here.

(just out of surgery and still a bit wobbly.)