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Patient Intake

Have you ever wondered what happens after an animal is admitted to Calgary Wildlife? Well wonder no further!

As animals, especially wildlife, can become easily stressed, patients are given a rest period after arrival, to give the animal a chance to recover from being caught and transported, before they undergo an examination.

Next, a full head-to-toe exam is performed by one of our trained wildlife rehabilitators. All animals undergo a thorough assessment.

All external areas are carefully checked over: limbs, wings, fur, feathers, and scales are all checked. Temperature, heart rate, and weights are all recorded.

After this initial assessment further tests can be performed if needed, like bloodwork and x-rays.

Once the examination is completed and any tests have been performed, an animal may require an immediate treatment. This could include being administered medication or fluids, or having a wound dressed.

Following the rest period, exam, and any testing or treatments needed, the animal is then transferred to an enclosure. Our site consists of many types of enclosures, which are designed to house different species and animals in various conditions.

A severely injured animal may be transferred to a cage in our main clinic, if they need to be kept still and frequently monitored, while a nestling or fledgling bird will be placed in our nursery.

Each patient is treated on an individual case-by-case basis to receive the absolute best care at each stage of their stay.

Running a clinic capable of accepting such a diverse amount of species and being equip to treat a variety of conditions, takes a lot of resources. As a non-profit organization, Calgary Wildlife relies on donors to continue to provide expert compassionate care to all local animals in need.

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