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Help our Feathered Friends: Window decals available for purchase

Environment Canada biologists have concluded that the leading cause of bird deaths are collisions with windows on buildings. If the bird does not die from the impact alone, the period of shock that follows makes them easy prey for predators. Ecosystems lose millions of birds every year from bird-to-building collisions. Window reflections deceive birds as they mirror the surrounding landscape. Our clinic receives a large number of calls each year regarding birds injured from window strikes. There are things we can do to mitigate the threat of windows for local bird species by adopting bird-safe designs on our windows.

Here are several suggestions from Nature Canada on how you can do your part to help:

  1. Draw patterns on your windows with a bar of soap or a window marker

  2. Install window screens externally in front of windows

  3. Uniformly cover the outside of windows with a pattern or small markings (⅛” in size, at least), with no reflective openings larger than 2×2 inches

  4. Apply special film or frosting on the outside of your windows, reducing reflections

  5. Purchase approved window decals and mount them

**Remember, internal decals or markers (compared to external) do not succeed in effectively deterring birds, as reflections occur on the exterior of windows.

Calgary Wildlife has a variety of window decals available for purchase at the clinic. Our front desk would be happy to assist you with this upon arrival. Most designs are $10 each. We are also big supporters of Feather Friendly window products and Men in Kilts window service. Men in Kilts offer to install bird friendly products on buildings with large, tall, otherwise inaccessible windows. Be sure to check them out!

Thanks for looking out for our feathered wild neighbours!

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