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Baby Shower Finale: Overlooked cuties

Well, that’s a wrap! Our June Baby Shower Series is officially complete (and we are already looking forward to next year’s!). We had such a fun time introducing you to some of our youngest patients and having our dedicated animal care staff share valuable species insights. Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Facebook Livestreams and/or tuned in on Instagram and YouTube. We appreciated your incoming questions and thoroughly enjoyed interacting with our followers! As a non-profit, your support makes a world of difference for the clinic and the injured and orphaned wildlife we

receive. Please donate today. Your contribution will help provide the continued care required for our featured guests. Thank you to everyone who continues to support Calgary Wildlife with your donations and gift of your time and skills!

Missed these last two weeks? Our latest young guests included baby Eastern Gray Squirrels and nestling/fledgling Corvids (Magpies and Crows). You can re-watch “A Squirrelly Bunch” here, and “Comical, Yet Charming Corvids” here.

Stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook pages to see patient updates throughout the summer as well as take part in future virtual activities and experiences.

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